Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wednesday 20th - Beer and bagpipes

Our car awaits outside Udaipur station and whisks us away to the Jaiwana Haveli  where we are given the same room that we had the first time we stayed. It is a lovely cool room with marble floors and fittings and its own roof terrace overlooking the lake. We realise that it is exactly two years to the day since we were here last. Breakfast is still being served so we descend three flights and climb four to enjoy omelettes, tea and toast whilst taking in the view across Lake Pichola to the Lake Palace.

R hankers after a yoga class so once we are fed and showered we go to check out a place that the hotel has recommended. She likes the look of it so that is on for this evening. We walk up through the old town to the City Palace, musing on how much more adventurous we have become since last time we were here. We don't plan to tour the Palace this time although we did find it very interesting. Our plan is to slake some of the thirst built up in Gujarat. The cold beer is wonderful but the bill comes as a bit of a shock. We could have been drunk as skunks for a week  in Diu for the price of a single bottle of Kingfisher here. Really we went to look at the elephant nests which are quite impressive to look at but don't photograph too well.

On our way out of the Palace complex we hear the sound of bagpipes.  Bagpipes being played in the most excruciating fashion.  Auld Lang Syne being murdered. Even D's Sassenach tin ear could tell that there is something wrong.  Why teenage boys in Rajasthan are playing the pipes is a bit of a mystery but they do confirm that they are "Scottish bagpipes".

After an afternoon snooze and a catch up session on the internet it is time for R's yoga class. This is handily situated near an off licence that would not look out of place in Possil. D gets acquainted with the local ne'er-do-wells whilst queuing for a couple of sun-downers.  There is a great deal in common between India and Scotland when it comes to the morality of drink.

When R returns from class we lounge on our terrace, beers in hand and watch a spectacular sunset.  The haveli's rooftop restaurant serves up an excellent supper. We did not go out clubbing.

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