Friday, 22 February 2013

Thursday - Lakes and gardens, but mainly lakes

R was so impressed with her yoga class that she decides to go for another one this morning.  She says that she is learning a lot and hopes to pass on some new stuff to her class back home. As a result we join the sluggards for a late breakfast. Today's plan is to look at some of the bits of Udaipur that we missed last time round.

We start by heading for the markets area but we find this a bit disappointing compared with some places so move on by auto to Saheliyon Ki Bari. There is a very modest admission charge (5 rupees) to these well maintained gardens that feature a number of fountains. The garden is shaded by trees and the foliage and floral colours are beautiful. After the hubbub of the town it's a welcome break although a few more benches would not go amiss.

Our next target is Fateh Sagar, the upper of the city's two lakes. We are navigating using a map pulled out of the centre of a  tourist brochure and it isn't very good (says D). We have a lengthy route march via a very upmarket housing area. There is clearly some serious money around here. The locals try to be helpful but their directions are a bit vague. Eventually we get there and it is worth the effort.

We stroll along one of the retaining walls which has been converted into and esplanade and currently has a traffic ban while the road surface is repaired. There is a lovely cooling breeze and the only irritant is the piped music that emanates from every lamp-post.

The Udaipur auto drivers must have an association with the Chennai branch as their idea of a cheap auto ride is much the same - and they all want you to visit their brother's shop. What these people need is some competition from Ahmedabad. We eventually get a quote for a ride across town to the Garden Hotel and Vintage car museum that does not give D apoplexy.  The Garden Hotel is another of HRH's establishments but the prices here a little more in tune with reality and we take a refreshment whilst watching the squirrels.

We decide that vintage cars are not really for us and opt for a an afternoon siesta before a farcical half hour on the terrace trying to take a worthwhile picture with the time delay on D's camera.  This is the best that we managed. Don't laugh. We had out to our chosen restaurant - the Ambrai - voted the most sensational location possible by R. We have no booking and are told that we can only have an hour but that's OK by us. We must have been green last time that we were here as the prices seem horrendous in comparison with Gujarat but the food is excellent and the views sensational..

Another night without going clubbing.

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