Monday, 11 February 2013

Friday 8th Feb - A day off

Apologies for the gap in service. We have been struggling to get a wifi connection  as usual in Mumbai. We are still in business.

Today's blog might not be too exciting. We reach Mangalore with R convinced that she smells like a polecat after our wonderful First Class (non A/C) trip. The taxi touts don't seem too avaricious and we agree a fare to our hotel where we discover the joys of a 24 check in system. We get our room straight away and can shower and start the recharging process for our various electrical items..

We make breakfast just before the dishes are cleared and take advantage of a very reasonably priced laundry service. Our guide book doesn't have too much to say about Mangalore except that it has pubs and restaurants. We are staying near the top of a hill so we set off walking downhill through an area of clothing shops. R decides that she requires more trousers - this time in British Racing Green with natty ankle cutaways. D's treat is athlete's foot powder. We suss out a couple of potential venues for our evening carousing  and also note that the town is not short of churches and associated educational establishments. There is also a specialisation in mis-spelling on posters and shop signs.

Our continued descent eventually brings us to a shopping mall where the lure of A/c proves irresistible. Oddly the fifth floor features a branch of the French Supermarket Auchan. This is apparently the place that supplies all of the garish coloured shirts that are worn by certain young Indian men. They also have a deal on copper bottomed kadais just like the one that R plans to take home - reduced from Rs 239 to Rs 99. We can always take it back to Calais if there is a problem.

The attractions of A/c in our room prove irresistible and we  take an auto back to the Goldfinch and declare siesta hour.. Refreshed and renewed we set out to enjoy the nightlife and get a bite to eat. We are the only customers in the recommended "loud and lively" watering hole and the restaurant that we chose from the book has closed its A/c room.  Things must start later than we are used to. Not all is lost as we find a bookshop and depart carrying two more cookbooks.

We decided to eat in the rooftop restaurant at the hotel where they specialise in seafood. We have a shared platter of squid in chilli, prawns in garlic, pomfret and kane, the local speciality. It is wonderful - even if twice the price of any other meal that we have had so far.

Mangalore maybe isn't the most picturesque place in India but we have enjoyed the hospitality. And they certainly know how to fold laundry.

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