Monday, 21 January 2013

So far so good

This is going to be a bit of a boring post as we are rather short of photos. Our lift to the airport was on time, inevitably we flew over our house 4 hours later and the fizz served in BizClass was Veuve Cliquot.  Very nice. D also managed his annual viewing of 4 episodes of the Big Bang Theory. Is series 5 recent?

The switch from air-miles paid Business class to steerage at Dubai was a bit of a shock but we survived. The boarding call for the Delhi flight was a real introduction to India with everybody ignoring the row number instructions as they raced to load their entire household possessions as carry ons.

Immigration at IGI was very straightforward and we even got a smiling "Welcome to India". The hotel is not what R is used to but as I have explained to her we cannot really go to India without experiencing Paharganj for at least one night. Our experience eventually led us to the Metropolis on Main Bazaar where they allowed us to use their feeble wifi in return for us buying beer. It seemed like a decent swop.

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