Sunday, 20 January 2013

Goodbye Snow.


Today is D-day.  Time to leave freezing, snowy Central Scotland and head for freezing, foggy Central Delhi.

But wait! It looks like the weather in the Indian Capital is improving. Guys are swimming, guys are sailing.

Can we rely on this forecast? Will we freeze without winter fleeces? Will D's carefully researched plan deliver?

Stick with us to find out. 

As is traditional on these occasions we offer the ritual luggage picture to amuse the masses.  We are actually getting better at this.

If you are new here and wondering "Why Radinja3 ?"  we have a clear message. Keep up!

 This is Indian trip number three for the W's and it is the longest yet. Both in time and distance.  If you want to know more about trips 1&2 look over to the right of this page where you will see something like this.  Click on the link that is circled in the illustration and you will get a choice of earlier blogs.

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  1. dropped in from IM... hope you're having a great end-winter time in India... I started with your blog and it'll continue till your journey is over... Cheers!

    Anunoy Samanta