Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunday 3rd - Two lunches and afternoon tea

We have time for a quick breakfast before the taxi arrives and takes us to the airport. On the way we spot an elephant being ridden down the road - not a sight that we have seen before in Delhi. The airport isn't too busy and we make steady progress through the various stages of security. A quick browse in WH Smith's and it is time to move on to the gate.

The first flight is to Dubai and takes just over 3 hours, most of which is taken up by the serving of lunch. This consists of a very nice Mutton Biryani with Raita and is served with a rather splendid Crozes Hermitage. In no time flat we are in Dubai where we get a bonus train trip - from Terminal A to terminal B. As we board the Glasgow flight a Kiwi stewardess admires D's t-shirt. It reads "New Zealand - Like Scotland but Further Away".  She hadn't spotted the punch line.

A seven hour daylight flight gives the opportunity for some serious viewing. D manages 2 Bollywoods (English Vinglish and Namaste London) as well as the Maltese Falcon and four episodes of "The Big Bang Theory". And a second lunch of Chicken Curry with more Crozes Hermitage and afternoon tea with scone and clotted cream. We must have eaten more today than we have on any other two days of our trip added together.

 As we are at the very back of the plane we have to queue for a while to be readmitted to our homeland but not so long that our luggage has arrived on the carousel. By the time it appears and we clear customs Helen and Alex have arrived to collect us. We have been away for 2 hours short of six weeks, had a great time but it is nice to be home.

You may have spotted that today's photos bear no relevance at all to the text. We have stuck in a few shots that made us smile but didn't fit anywhere else.

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